Guangdong Yingjing Technology Co.,Ltd joins hands with Lituo Company to purchase sanitary ware testing instruments to improve product quality control

Yingjing Company recently announced that it has reached a cooperation with Lituo Company and successfully purchased the latest generation of sanitary ware testing instruments. This cooperation aims to further consolidate Yingjing’s leading position in the sanitary equipment industry, improve product quality control levels by introducing advanced testing equipment, and provide customers with more reliable and high-quality products. As a manufacturer of bathroom equipment, Yingjing Company has always been committed to creating high-quality, innovative products. This cooperation with Lituo Company enables Yingjing Company to obtain the most advanced sanitary ware testing instruments. These devices have high-precision measurement and evaluation functions and can comprehensively test all types of sanitary ware products, from toilets to bathtubs and other accessories. Ensure product quality is stable and reliable. These new generation testing instruments not only have efficient and accurate testing functions, but also have intelligent data analysis and recording systems. This means that Yingjing Company can track product test results in real time and respond quickly to ensure the quality standards of every product on the production line and ensure that it meets or exceeds industry standards.


The management team of Yingjing Company is full of confidence in this cooperation. They said that the introduction of Lituo Company’s sanitary testing instruments is an important part of the company’s quality management and will help strengthen product quality control, improve production efficiency and product competitiveness. This cooperation also highlights Yingjing’s emphasis on technological innovation and its determination to continuously pursue excellence in product quality. Through the advanced technical support of Lituo Company, Yingjing Company looks forward to further improving its product quality level and providing customers with more trustworthy bathroom equipment and accessories. Yingjing Company is full of expectations for the cooperation with Lituo Company and believes that this move will bring more results to the company and promote the company’s continued development and leading position in the sanitary ware industry.


Post time: Jan-03-2024