What role does the hardness of the wheels of roller skates play?

How to choose the wheel hardness of roller skating shoes?

Roller skating is the sport of sliding on a hard court wearing special shoes with rollers, which helps to strengthen the body and cultivate sentiment.


The quality of the wheel must be evaluated from several aspects such as grip, resilience and wear resistance. Good wheels have good grip performance when sliding, should not fall down, good resilience, good wear resistance, with a certain shock absorption effect, feet feel comfortable.

The wheel hardness of roller skating is expressed by Shore A hardness, generally from 74A to 105A, and the higher the value, the higher the hardness.

Options: General beginners can choose 80A-85A wheels.


The Roller Skates Wheel Hardness Tester is an instrument used to measure the hardness of roller skate wheels. Hardness is crucial for the performance and characteristics of skate wheels, and using a hardness tester ensures consistency and quality of the wheels.


This measurement tool typically consists of the following components:

  1. Hardness gauge: The hardness gauge is the primary component used to measure the wheel hardness. It usually consists of a dial gauge with a pointer and a presser foot. When the presser foot makes contact with the wheel’s surface, the pointer displays the wheel’s hardness.
  2. Presser foot: The presser foot is part of the hardness gauge and is the component that comes into contact with the wheel’s surface. The size and shape of the presser foot are important during the measurement process, as different shapes of the presser foot may influence the measurement results.
  3. Reading and display system: The hardness gauge’s reading and display system can show the wheel’s hardness value in either digital or pointer form. Some advanced testers may also come equipped with data recording capabilities to save the measurement results for further analysis.

When using the roller Skates Wheel Hardness Tester, the wheel is typically placed on the instrument, and the presser foot is brought into contact with the wheel’s surface with appropriate pressure. The hardness value is then read from the gauge, indicating the wheel’s hardness. Hardness is often represented using hardness scales such as “A” or “D,” where higher values indicate harder wheels, and lower values indicate softer wheels.

For enthusiasts and professional skaters, the hardness tester is a valuable tool as it helps them choose wheels suitable for different surfaces and skating needs. It also aids manufacturers in quality control during production to ensure each wheel meets the required hardness standards.

Post time: Jul-31-2023