Lituo has successfully completed a mattress comprehensive testing machine customized for Sealy China

Lituo Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is proud to announce that it has successfully completed a mattress comprehensive testing machine customized

for Sealy China and successfully delivered it to the customer.


Sealy China is an influential company in the mattress and bedding industry, and its products are world-renowned for their high quality and innovation. In order to ensure the quality and safety of its mattress products, Sealy China decided to find a trustworthy partner to customize

an efficient and reliable comprehensive mattress testing machine. After careful evaluation and multiple rounds of communication, Sealy China selected Lituo Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. as its partner to meet its high-standard quality control needs.


This customized mattress comprehensive testing machine has a variety of advanced functions and features designed to ensure the quality, comfort and durability of Sealy China mattresses. It can perform a variety of tests, including spring rebound test, static pressure test, fatigue test, etc., to comprehensively evaluate the performance of the mattress. In addition, the equipment also features high-precision data recording and report generation capabilities to help Sealy China better understand the performance of its products and make improvements.

When designing and manufacturing this comprehensive mattress testing machine, the engineering team of Lituo Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. fully considered the specific needs of Sealy China and ensured the stability and reliability of the equipment. The successful delivery represents an important milestone in the cooperation and marks the determination and ability of both parties to jointly provide high-quality mattress products.

Post time: Oct-09-2023