LT-BZZ01-SA Microcomputer Carton Compression tester

Short Description:

The machine USES high precision Load Cell induction to test the compressive strength of containers made of cartons and other materials.

Product Detail

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Technical parameters

Options: 1. The capacity 500 kg, 1000 kg, 2000 kg, 5000 kg, 10000 kg,Colors, 20000 kg, 50000 kg
2. Unit switching: kg,N,1b switching
3. Load refactorization: 1/100,000 
4. Load accuracy: within ±3/1000 
5. Test space: 800*800*800mm, 1000*1000*1000mm, 1200*1200*1200mm, 1500*1500*1200mm (or specified)
6. Compression speed standard :12.7mm/min, set at will 
7. Holding test (stacking test): the holding time or holding force can be set at will 
8. Weight: 1043kg 
9. Power supply: 2 wires,AC 220V, 2.7a, 415V, 2.1a 
10. Protection device: including up and down stroke control switch, the program sets the maximum load, maximum extension, automatic stop emergency switch
11. Shutdown mode: upper and lower limit safety setting, emergency stop key, program force and elongation setting, specimen failure sensing
12. Material: aluminum plate, keep the parallelism of upper and lower pressure plates 
13. Printing function: serial number, peak value, average value, which can be remembered

Conform to the standard

Compliance with tappi-804,JIS20212,GB/T4857 standards related requirements.

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