Mattress Testing Machine

Short Description:

International mattress testing machine can test the mattress’ long term capacity of bedding to resist cyclic loading. It meets four test methods: pavement rolling durability test, soft and hard test, pad height test, edge pressing test. It is used to judge the quality and service life of the mattress and strictly comply with the requirements of the national standard for mechanical testing. Suitable for strong spring mattress, ordinary spring mattress, foam mattress, brown fiber elastic mattress.

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Technical Parameters

External dimensions

3320*2400*2280mm (L*W*H)


about 2.3 T


AC220V 50HZ

Sample: Maximum single mattress


Operating system

manual system + automatic system

Hard and soft display

Digital and text

Control mode

computer control

Pavement durability test device

1)the rotating moment of inertia of the roller is (0.5±0.05) Kgm2, loading frequency :(16±2) times /min, the static load :(1400±7) N, test times : > 30000 times.

2) roller: oval shape, external dimension tolerance : ±2mm, length: (1000±2)mm, friction coefficient: (0.2 ~ 0.5), chamfering Angle of roller: R30, maximum diameter of roller: 300±1mm;

3) Servomotor: Panasonic

4) test trip: about 250mm of the center line of the mattress;

5) the accuracy of the force measuring device shall not be less than 1%, the accuracy of the size device shall not be less than 1mm, and the position deviation of the loading block shall be ±5mm.

Height measuring device


1) height measurement accuracy: ±0.5mm;

2) height measuring pad: the measuring surface is a flat and smooth rigid cylinder;

3) diameter of measuring pad: 100mm, chamfering R10;

4) application speed of the pad: 100±20mm/min;

Hardness test device

1) loading capacity: 1000N;

2) running speed during loading and unloading :(90±5) mm/min, the system can reach any setting of 0.01-200mm/min;

3) the hardness value (Hy) of the mattress is the average value of the slope (ratio of loading force N to sag depth mm) of the loading deflection curve at 210N, 275N and 340N;

Side durability test device

1) loading pad size: 380*495*75mm.

2) vertical downward loading force: 1000N

3) total number of tests: 5000

4) holding time :(3±1) s

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