LT – JJ05 Office chair pull back repeated testing machine (forward push type)

Short Description:

The Office Chair Pull Back Repeated Testing Machine (Forward Push Type) is a highly versatile and essential tool for evaluating the life of the chair’s tilting mechanism and the durability of the chair back. It is designed to simulate repeated pulling back and pushing forward motions, replicating real-life usage scenarios.

This multi-functional testing equipment is specifically engineered to assess the performance and reliability of office chairs. By subjecting the chair to rigorous testing, it ensures that the tilting mechanism can endure frequent usage without any compromise in functionality.

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Additionally, the machine evaluates the durability of the chair back, examining its ability to withstand the forces applied during normal use. This helps manufacturers identify any structural weaknesses or design flaws, enabling them to make necessary improvements and enhance the overall quality and durability of the chair.

It enables manufacturers to deliver office chairs that meet or exceed industry standards. It guarantees that the tilting mechanism and chair back can withstand prolonged use, providing users with a reliable and comfortable seating experience.

In summary, this versatile testing machine plays a crucial role in evaluating the chair's tilting mechanism and chair back durability. Its comprehensive testing capabilities allow manufacturers to enhance the quality and performance of their office chairs, ensuring customer satisfaction and long-term reliability.

Technical parameters

1.Load weight 225 LBS
2.The width of the test platform 1000mm
3.Output maximum stroke 600mm
4.Transmitter 200kg
5.The cylinder can be adjusted at an Angle of 90 degrees
6.Power supply (power) 220VAC/2A
7. The maximum adjustable test cycle of the cylinder 20RPM
8. Air source: air pressure: ≥ 0.5mpa; Flow rate: ≥800L/min; The air source is filtered and dried
Body size  L 1780* W 1000* H 1850mm
Weight about 260kg

Control system

1. Multi-function, adjustable height of cylinder and output Angle;
2. Optional control cylinder output force or limit function;
3. Touch screen +PLC control, with stop/power off memory and stop function.

Working principle

1. Simulate the body leaning back on the chair, and test the performance of the back of the chair;
2. The 225-pound weight is placed on the seat, and the cylinder output force is repeatedly applied vertically to the back of the chair;
3. Record the test times of chair backrest and evaluate the performance of chair backrest.

Conform to the standard

QB/T 2280-2016 BIFMA X5.1-2017
EN 1335:2000  

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