LT-JJ19 Cabinet table bed mechanical performance testing machine

Short Description:

This tester is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of cabinet, table and bed furniture, and can conduct horizontal and vertical static load and durability and stability tests.


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Technical parameters

1.Frame specification 2500 * 2500 * 2000mm, using 80 * 80mm aluminum profilefabrication
2.Loading cylinder cylinder diameter 50mm, stroke 300mm, theoretical maximum load force value 1500N
3.Force value induction a high-precision force sensor with a capacity of 3 KN
4.Control mode computer control
5.Counter 0 ~ 999,999 times can be set
6.Force value adjustment the air pressure valve adjusts the air pressure, combined with the force value sensor display
7.Gas source 7kgf / cm ^ 2 or above stable gas source (provided by the customer)
8.Power supply 1 AC 220V 50Hz5A
9.Base high strength industrial aluminum profile + gb 45 steel, thickness of 10mm, Power magnet fixed test sample

Product features

1. The tester adopts frame structure design, high quality industrial aluminum profile production frame, beautiful and generous.
2. The frame adjustment part of the tester adopts the pulley structure design and can easily adjust the loading position to adapt to different specifications of sample positioning handle to facilitate positioning and improve work efficiency.
3. The position of the bottom fixed block can be adjusted arbitrarily to suit the sample of different specifications.
4. The tester uses a computer controller to control the action of the instrument, and the operation is intuitive and simple.
5. The force value adjustment of the tester adopts the precision pressure regulating valve to adjust the pressure to change the load force value. With the real-time induction force value of the high-precision force sensor, each loading group is adjusted and controlled separately, and the load force value is stable and reliable.
6. The loading pad is removable, which facilitates the replacement of different loading pads to meet different test requirements.


EN 581-3 EN 527-3 EN 1730 GB/T 10357.1-2013 GB/T 10357.2-2013 GB/T 10357.4-2013 GB/T 10357.5-2011 GB/T 10357.6-2013 GB/T 10357.7-2013

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