LT – JJ02-A Office chair arm strength tester

Short Description:

This machine is suitable for testing the strength of office chair armrest. It is mainly used for testing all kinds of seats being in good condition after the pressure, to simulate the during normal use and habitual misuse, a single or repetitive loading conditions of strength or ability test, is used to test the product in encounter heavy load conditions the intensity with which assess the armrest of office chairs along the horizontal direction and vertical direction under compressive capacity.

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Technical parameters

1.Transmitter 200kg
2.Test times 1 ~ 999999 (adjustable)
3.Application load 50Lb ~ 300Lb or as specified
4. Test speed 5-30 times/min or specified
5.Vertical pressure plate  5-30 times/min or specified
6.Vertical pressure plate length: 127±13 mm
7. Fixed shaft of horizontal handrail width shall not exceed 25mm
8.Adjustable distance from cylinder pivot to loading pad 500 ~ 900mm
9.PLC control& touch screen real-time display of speed, frequency, times and force 
10.Air source air pressure: ≥ 0.5mpa;Flow rate: ≥800L/min;The air source is filtered and dried
11.Counting device 6-bit LCD display, power off memory, output control 60000 time
12.Machine size 2130*1080*2200mm (L*W*H)
13.Weight about 290kg
14.Power supply 1 wire, AC220V, 50HZ, 5A

Product features

1. Test items: office chair armrest parallel tension test, vertical armrest pressure test, horizontal armrest pressure test;
2. The loading pad is attached to the handrail under test, the cylinder can choose to work without retracting to increase stability;
3.PLC programming, touch screen display, with power off memory and breakpoint stop function;
4. The cylinder output Angle can swing and change the position;
5. The RPM speed is displayed and can be adjusted continuously;
6. Imported SMC automatic adjustment device, directly set the force on the display screen, stable and reliable, without manual adjustment; Or precision pressure regulating valve manual adjustment.
7. Casters and cups fix the position of the chair so that the chair is tested in its natural state.

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