LT-JJ28 Sofa testing equipment

Short Description:

Lituo Detection Instrument Sofa Comprehensive Testing Machine is a professional instrument designed for testing sofa quality. It is capable of conducting comprehensive evaluations of sofa durability, structural stability, seat bearing capacity, static load testing, etc., to ensure sofa quality and safety. This testing machine adopts advanced control technology and precision sensors to achieve high-precision testing and data recording.

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Technical parameters

1. Measuring range of force sensor: 2000N;
2. Resolution of force sensor: 1/10000;
3. Force measurement accuracy of the system: ±1% (static); 0-5% (dynamic);
4. Weight of the figure 8 model: 50±0.5kg;
5. Armrest loading force: 250N;
6. Backrest loading force: 300N;
7. Test speed: 5-30 times /min;
8. Specimen size: maximum 220x130x60 (LxWxH:cm);
9. Maximum width of handrail: 500-900mm adjustable;
10. Displacement measurement: 300mm;
11. Control mode: automatic computer control;
12. Display mode: 19-inch LCD screen;
Data storage: automatic computer storage; Equipped with a main computer, 
One 19-inch LCD display and one printer

14. Report generation mode: computer automatically generates Word required by customers,

Report in Excel, PDF format

15. Driving mode: driven by imported motor, any setting of force value and displacement.

16. Operating system: independently developed by Rio tinto

Product features

Control mode: computer control, executive force automatic control; When the specimen is damaged, the pressure will be released automatically and the cylinder will return to its original position, showing the force value at the same time
And sub-values; Automatic stop and return after reaching the set number; High precision displacement meter automatic ranging; 
2. Full-automatic operation: single-key full-automatic operation; once the specimen is placed, press the "execute" key and the test process will be completed automatically according to the set procedure;
3.Safety device :1) . Maximum capacity setting value2) . Maximum displacement setting value.3) circuit switches are automatically detected and leakage is automatically stopped.4). The breakpoint stop

5). Upper limit and lower limit fretting device:

4. Control module: set load, times and time, set failure test, test date and intermittent setting

Conform to the standard

According to the standard QB/ t1952.1-2012.

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