LT-JJ20-A Air-spring performance fatigue tester

Short Description:

This machine is suitable for all kinds of pneumatic rod spring, such as: automobile tail box, pneumatic locomotive, bicycle, furniture, etc.

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Technical parameters

1. Loading mode: cylinder loading
2. Transmitter: 200kg
3. Test function: this machine can carry out fatigue test on four stations of pneumatic bar, and each station test will not affect each other.
4. Test mode: two (force and position optional)
5. Test station: simplex
6. Test speed: 5-15 times/min
7. Control mode: PLC+ touch screen
8. Test times: 0-999999 can be set arbitrarily
9. Test sample: the maximum length is 1000mm, the test can meet a variety of different diameter of the sample (replace the fixture), the standard is a set.
10.Power supply: 220V, 50HZ; Air source: above 0.6mpa
11. External dimensions: length 800mm× width 700mm× height 1940mm

Product features

1. This machine adopts button type, time/times/force can be set;
2. Can set The Times, set the time (s) and set the power;
3. Automatic timing (0.01 second ~ 99.99 seconds);
4. Automatic counting (0-999,999 times), force peak function, force preservation function, load protection function;


Standard: GB 25751-2010;GB/T 29525-2013

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