LT-JJ02-C Office chair backrest tester (back pull type)

Short Description:

This machine is suitable for testing the life of chair tilting mechanism, simulating its strength or endurance under one-time or repetitive load in normal use and habitual misuse. Used to test the strength of the product under repeated use and loading conditions.

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Technical parameters

1. Sensor 200kg
2. The width of the test platform 1000mm
3. Output maximum stroke 600mm
4. Cylinder can be adjusted to test the fastest cycle of 10-30 times/min
5. Standard accessories 1 piece of backrest loading pad, 2 pieces of chair fixing press plate, 1 piece of l-shaped face baffle plate
6. Control system: Force control: precision manual pressure regulating valve + precision air pressure sensor + digital force display; Force transfer: set of fixed pulleys that slide and fix;

Automatic control: touch screen +PLC, with power off memory and break point stop function.

7. Power supply (power) 220VAC/2A
8. Air source: air pressure: ≥ 0.5mpa; flow rate: ≥800L/min;
9. Size about 2130*1080*2200mm (L*W*H)
10. Weight about 290kg

Product features

1. This device is a multi-functional test device, and cylinder output force or displacement can be selected;
2. The output Angle of the cylinder can be changed by sliding the position of the fixed pulley;
3. The loading pad is bound to the back of the chair, and the cylinder is connected with the ribbon. After the cylinder is unloaded, the back of the chair will naturally recover to its original state by its own elasticity;
4. Precise manual pressure regulating valve ensures stable and reliable cylinder output force, and digital display cylinder output force value;
5. Fix the test sample with l-type gear plate and chair press plate, and keep the pressure tight with manual screws;
6. The RPM speed is displayed and can be adjusted continuously;
7. Touch screen +PLC, with power off memory and breakpoint stop function.

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