LT-CZ 04 Bicycle brake, variable speed comprehensive performance test machine

Short Description:

This machine raises the bicycle to 24 KM/h, to give a sudden brake action, by testing the sliding distance of the bicycle, to determine the excellent braking performance of the bicycle. This machine is suitable to test the automatic variable speed dynamic function, tire wear resistance, power gear comprehensive test, is the necessary equipment for bicycle test. It is the ideal test instrument for bicycle manufacturers and scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection and other industries and departments.

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Technical parameters

1. Maximum load: 80kg, using the weight superposition type
2. Power motor: AC220V, 3HP
3. Speed: 0 ~ 25 KM/h, adjustable
4. Structure: using the front and rear roller rotation structure, can be adjusted according to the size of the bicycle
5. External size: 270 * 100 * 200cm
6. Control mode: Touch-screen PLC contro
7. Speed up time: 24KM / 3 minutes
8. Bearing load: MAX100 lb
9. Applicable models: city car, hiking bike, baby buggies, cooperation vehicles
10. Machine weight: about 400kg


 DIN 79100

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