LT-CZ 11 Stroller brake performance test machine | brake performance test machine

Short Description:

The test method of this machine is to place the model baby in the platform, place the platform on the 60-degree sand test table, adjust the tilt Angle of the test table until 30 seconds, and see the platform without sliding. It is the ideal test instrument for scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection.

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Technical parameters

1. The tilt Angle of the test table: horizontal ~15 degrees, which can be set arbitrarily continuously
2. Surface of test table: 60 particle sandpaper
3. Test table area: 120 * 160cm
4. Angle adjustment mode: manual adjustable speed
5. Angle display: electronic digital display
6. Angle control accuracy: 1
7. External size: about 130 * 170 * 100cm (length * width * height)


meet the relevant requirements of the CNS standards

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