LT-CZ 31 Bicycle material testing machine

Short Description:

This test machine is suitable for all kinds of bicycle parts and materials, the tensile, compression, torsion and other strength of the vehicle inspection and test, complete functions, widely used. It is the ideal test instrument for bicycle manufacturers and scientific research and product quality supervision and inspection and other industries and departments.

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Technical parameters

1. Load capacity: 5000KGF / 10000KGF, 50 kN / 100 Kn
2. Unit switch: power: N, kN, g, kg, ton, lb

Displacement: mm / cm / inch

3. Weight decomposition degree: 1 / 20,000
4. Load-weight accuracy: ± 0.5%
5. Force magnification: 10% / 20% / 50% / 100% automatic rate segment
6. Test width: 1200mm / 700mm / 1200mm / 700mm
7. Joint board stroke: 1,400 mm
8. Test trip: the connecting board trip is deducted from the upper and lower fixture and the holding event length
9. Test speed range: 0.5-500 mm
10. Displacement decomposition degree: 0.01mm
11. Power control: servo otor / servo driver
12. Power supply: 1 Φ 220V AC 50 / 60 Hz (3 Φ 380V AC)
13. Volume: 225cm * 180cm * 230cm (W * D * H), 175cm * 180cm * 230cm (W * D * H), 225cm * 180cm * 230cm (W * D * H), 175cm * 180cm * 230cm (W * D * H)
14. Weight: 1400kg, 1200kg, 1400kg, 1200kg

Product features

1. High strength main structure: the steel structure is durable, the maximum force safety factor is 200%, high stability, generous and beautiful shape, the overall design is accurate and elegant, the surface of advanced baking paint collocation, high value sense.
2. High quality transmission performance: precision ball screw transmission is equipped with European imported reducer and servo drive motor, accurate and stable transmission, combined with the control software, surface control functions in line with various test requirements.
3. High-tech equipment: super function of single crystal display controller, can single control display storage data graphics, solution 1 / 20000, can expand 4 groups of load element and shibometer function, single line transmission and computer online, talk set control mode, speed precision, fine tuning control analysis high control stability.
4. High-level super intelligent function: intelligent operation software, super control function, superior man-machine interface, simple modular setting, automatic detection function.
5. Standardization Modularization: The specifications of various test fixtures are standardized, and the modular replacement of test fixtures is convenient, fast and easy.
6. High safety design: travel limit control setting and emergency stop safety guarantee, and overload capacity setting protection function.



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