LT – JC13 Full door and window, flat open, vertical revolving door, static distortion resistance and soft weight impact performance testing machine

Short Description:

A vertical static loading force is applied to the designated position at the top and bottom of the door to detect its deformation; A soft weight perpendicular to the plane of the door is impinged on one or more of the estimated weak spots on one side of the door to test for damage.

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Technical parameters

(a) integral window, flat opening, vertical revolving door, resistance to static distortion technical parameters:
1. Vertical cylinder: diameter: 63mm, output: 50-200kg
2. Vertical cylinder stroke: 500mm
3. Horizontal cylinder: diameter: 63mm, output: 50-200kg
4. Horizontal cylinder stroke: 500mm
5. Control mode: touch screen +PLC
6. Fixed mode of door: pneumatic
7. Deformation: digital display displacement table, 0-50mm, accuracy 0.1mm
8. Machine structure: aluminum profile
9. Power supply: AC220V
10. Machine size: 1500 (length) *1500 (width) *2500mm (height)
11. Air source: stable air source above 7kgf/cm^2
(2) technical parameters of soft heavy object impact:
1. Sandbag: 30Kg
2. Impact position: up and down motor adjustment
3. Impact mode: manual
4. Structure: aluminum profile
5. Machine size: 1800 mm (length) *2500mm (width) *2500mm (height)

Conform to the standard

GBT 29049-2012 vertical load test of integral door
GBT 29530-2013 determination of static distortion resistance of flat and revolving doors
GBT 14155-2008 impact test of soft and heavy objects on whole frame doors

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