LT-SJ 13-B Double-cart type oven

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This box has a wide range of application, is the introduction of imported reliability ideal drying equipment, dedicated to electronics, transformer, electroplating, sign, power capacitor, chemical industry, also applicable to other products of the dry baking industry. Using dual thermostat control, unique overtemperature design, with overtemperature upper limit temperature control point, to prevent the main temperature controller out of control and damage to its products, so that the temperature is more accurate.

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1. Appearance part: the appearance of 2mm thick cold plate bent, surface high temperature electrostatic spray (non-ordinary paint) corrosion resistance, rust prevention.

Overall dimensions: 1800mm wide, 1140mm deep, 1720mm high, left and right double doors, each door can be opened separately, each door with reinforced chrome plated square steel door lock, chrome plated reinforced hinge. The bottom of the oven is equipped with double cart track, the center distance is 375mm, the car anti-collision steel plate is added on both sides of the inner tank bottom plate, and the anti-cart sliding out block is installed in the middle. The cart track can bear 300 KG. The base of the oven is equipped with movable casters and foot cups to facilitate the oven to secure and access.

2. Inner liner: The inner liner is made of 1.5mm thick SUS304 # mirror stainless steel plate, which does not rust and makes the furnace clean and dust-free.

Size of the liner: 1400mm wide, 1200mm high, 1000mm deep, 100mm thick high temperature insulation cotton around the liner, add high temperature resistant sealing silica gel around the door, so that the temperature outside the furnace is not hot.

3. Heating part: built-in stainless steel radiator heating pipe produced in Taiwan on the left side of the furnace cavity, the top of the furnace chamber with a Taiwan 1.5KW wind motor and 14-inch wind wheel on the top of the furnace chamber, horizontal circulation high air volume forced air transport; the top of the oven with inlet and outlet valves can adjust the air flow to make the temperature in the furnace more uniform.
4. Electrical appliances: power supply 380V, three-phase five-wire system, power 22KW, control electric box on the right of the oven, using Japanese Omron microcomputer intelligent digital display temperature controller, PV and SV digital display window, module continuous buffer output control heater, SSR solid state relay output. Subending the traditional zero-triggered current instantaneous impact and temperature control fluctuation, With the highly cost-effective E-series 4-20MA output temperature controller, Can make the output voltage steady linear change, Temperature control effect is more stable, More superior performance, (The output power can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature error size) to make the temperature more accurate, Temperature at room temperature to 250℃ arbitrarily adjustable, PID self-setting, automatic constant temperature, automatic timing (with high precision digital display automatic timer adjustable 99 hours 99 minutes) with manual and automatic timing switch selection, After temperature arrives, regular alarm power, overtemperature power, leakage protection circuit breaker, motor overload protection and other functions, Timing and overtemperature alarm and signal indicator light are respectively control and display, With a dual thermostat control, Unique super-temperature design, With an upper temperature control point, Prevent damage to the main thermostat from being out of control, Make the temperature even more accurate, Internal temperature difference is ± 2℃. Other electrical appliances are controlled by imported Mitsubishi and Omron electrical appliances.

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