LT-SJ17 FPC Folding resistance test machine | FPC soft plate bending test machine

Short Description:

This machine is mainly used for flexible circuit board (commonly known as software circuit board) for flexible test, such as mobile phone, PDA, FPC soft board such as portable computer, PDA, etc.

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Technical parameter

1. zigzag load: 0~1000g
2. Test speed: 10~200 times / minute
3. Test trip: 45~100mm
4. Maximum width of soft plate: 5~100mm (max)
5. zigzag R Angle: 0.38,0.8,1.2,2 replaceable
6. Deflection angle 0~180 (optional)
7. Count setting: 0 ~ 9,99,999 times
8. Volume: 450 * 380 * 700mm (W * D * H)
9. Weight: 45kg
10. Power supply: 1∮,AC220V,3.5A (by country or specified)

Product features

1. Adopt Taiwan stepping motor to drive, high precision and accurate positioning, low noise, can be used for a long time.
2. Adopt a special power supply rectifier circuit to improve the long-time use ability and anti-interference of the motor and execution components.
3. Control the origin reset, no need to place the clamp by hand;
4. Use LCD display controller as program input, PLC control;
5. Parameter settings include: bending Angle, speed, test times, and motor return to the origin, etc
6. Automatic counting. When the test material is bent until the broken line cannot be energized, and the operation can be automatically stopped.


JIS C 6471

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