LT-SJN01 touch screen line tester | line tester | touch screen underline test machine

Short Description:

The machine is used for mobile phone touch screen click and line life test, touch screen display, automatic memory, power loss memory, click force pressure control, separate adjustment, separate counting, accumulated life times, automatic shutdown to the set times, etc.

Product Detail

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Technical parameters

1. Test samples: 2 samples
2. Moving distance: X axis: 90mm; Y axis: 150mm
3. Movement speed: 16~120 mm / s
4. Counter: 6-bit count, with power loss memory function
5. Control mode: PLC controller and touch screen display
6. Cylinder: 100~500gf force adjustable
7. Standard weight: 50g, 100g two each
8. Motor torque distance: 1.3N.m
9. Line track: rectangle, triangle, straight line, diagonal line
10. Machine size: 550 * 550 * 510mm (W * D * H)
11. Power supply: 220V / 3A

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