LT – WY09 Floor drain comprehensive performance testing machine

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The Floor Drain Comprehensive Performance Testing Machine is primarily designed for conducting comprehensive performance tests on floor drains. It evaluates various aspects, including pressure resistance, sealing capability, anti-overflow functionality, drainage flow rate, self-cleaning ability, and water seal stability. This advanced machine ensures accurate measurements and provides valuable insights into the performance of floor drain products. It serves as a crucial tool for manufacturers in the plumbing industry to verify the quality, reliability, and efficiency of their floor drain products. By subjecting the drains to rigorous testing procedures, manufacturers can identify any potential issues and make necessary improvements to meet industry standards and deliver high-quality floor drain solutions.

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Technical Parameters

The serial number According to project name Want to ask
1 Work pressure The water pressure of the built-in water pump of the equipment is 0.01 ~ 0.4mpa (controllable), and the pressure precision is ± 0.01mpa
2 Work pressure External connection, 0.5mpa ~ 0.6mpa
3 Vacuum pressure Adjustable, the adjusting precision is 0.01mpa
4 Test the product Floor drain
5 The test medium Normal temperature water, vacuum negative pressure
6 Timing accuracy Timing range: 0 ~ 9999 seconds, timing accuracy: 0.01 seconds
7 The pump flow At the dynamic pressure of 0.2mpa, it can provide a flow rate not less than 60 l/min
8 Overall dimensions Machine size: length 4805* width 1000* height 1920 (unit: mm)
9 Shape material Aluminum profile frame + aluminum plastic sealing plate
10 Working voltage Pump three phase AC380V, other single phase AC220V, with reliable grounding
11 Electricity power Max. 5KW (Max. 2.2kw for water pump)
12 Test station 4 a location
13 Electric control system PLC + PC
14 Prompt function Automatic shutdown, alarm and information prompt function at the end of the test

Compliance with standards and terms

category The name of the standard Standard terms
Floor drain GB/T 27710-2011 a floor drain 7.5.2 pressure-resistant performance
Floor drain GB/T 27710-2011 a floor drain 7.5.3 sealing performance
Floor drain GB/T 27710-2011 a floor drain 7.5.4 anti-overflow performance
Floor drain GB/T 27710-2011 a floor drain 7.5.5 drainage flow
Floor drain GB/T 27710-2011 a floor drain 7.5.6 self-cleaning ability
Floor drain GB/T 27710-2011 a floor drain 7.5.8 water seal stability

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