LT-WY19 Spray test room

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This machine is mainly used for the test of IPX4 and IPX5 of the waterproof grade of electronic bathroom products, including intelligent toilet, jacuzzi, numerical control nozzle and so on.Among them, IPX4 is equipped with two sets of test devices: pendulum tube and sprinkler head.

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Technical Parameters

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1 Overall dimensions Length 5000* width 5000* height 3000 (unit: mm)
2 Spray amount 0.07 L/min/nozzle
3 Spray way Swing tube flush mode
4 Arranging the size The pendulum tube is a 180° semi-circular pendulum tubeRadius: R200mm, pipe diameter in pendulum tube is 16mm;   R600mm, the pipe diameter of the swing tube is 25mm;   R1400mm, tube diameter of swing tube is 32mm;   The swing tube is interchangeable
5 Swing Angle Swing the center point to both sides by 150°, a total of 300°, and the Angle within the range can be set
6 Electric control system PLC + touch screen
7 Spray pendulum cycle Adjustable from 5 to 12S
8 The nozzle arrangement The nozzles are distributed in 90° arcs on both sides of the vertical direction, and the center spacing between nozzles is 50mm
9 Nozzle diameter The 0.4 mm
10 The test bed bears the load 100 kg or less
11 Water supply system Water tank water supply, tap water rehydration
  Compliance with standards and terms 
category The name of the standard Standard terms
Smart toilet Special requirements for toilets 15.1.1 it may be necessary to test the inside of the seat ring using the sprinkler head described in 14.2.4b in gb4208-2008. (IPX4, IPX5)
Electronic bathroom products Safety of household and similar electrical appliances - part 1: general requirements 15 moisture resistance (IPX4, IPX5)
Smart toilet JG/ t285-2010 toilet cleaner 7.3 the waterproof test shall be conducted in accordance with clause 14.2.4 of gb4208-2008
Nc constant temperature nozzle GB/T 24293-2009 CNC thermostat nozzle 7.7 test for protection class of electrical enclosure
Massage bath crock QB 2585-2007 water jet jacuzzi Electrical safety (GB 4706.73-2004 IPX4,IPX5)
Smart toilet Intelligent toilet 5.16 waterproof grade of the whole machine gb4208-2008 clause 14.2.4 shall be tested 

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