LT-XZ10 AKRON wear test machine | wear test machine | sole wear test machine | tire wear test machine

Short Description:

This instrument is suitable for testing the wear resistance of vulcanized rubber and plastic products such as sole, tires and vehicle tracks. This test has rubbed the sample and the grinding wheel under a certain tilt Angle and a certain load to determine the wear volume of the sample for a certain mileage. Especially for the test wear resistance of rubber products, under long wear can be applicable to tires, vehicle tracks, sole… and other high required wear resistance products, the test data should be used with a specific gravity balance.

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Technical parameters

1. Test piece: outer diameter 63.5mm, inner diameter 12.7mm, thickness 12.7mm thick, length 220mm, hardness 60~70
2. Sand wheel: outer diameter 150mm, 25mm (W), particle size 36 #
3. Test material shaft rotation speed: 76 ± 2 r/min
4. Tilting range of test material: 0~45
5. Force of the rubber wheel: 26.7N
6. Counter: 0~999,999 (6 digits)
7. Volume: 57 * 52 * 45cm (W * D * H)
8. Weight: 57kg
9. Power supply: 1, AC 220V, and 3A


GB / T-1689

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