LT-ZP01-D electronic rupture strength testing machine | rupture strength testing machine | rupture machine

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Suitable for a wide range of packaging materials, including general paper, corrugated paper, toilet paper, wrapping paper, etc., and leather, cloth, packaging film, can effectively monitor product quality.

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Technical parameters

1. Induction mode: pressure converter
2. Print data: print test values and average values, time, date and other data, no printing function
3. Indication mode: digital type
4. Capacity: 0 ~ 100kg/cm²
5. Oil pressure speed: high pressure 170±10ml/min, low pressure 95±10ml/min
6. Motor: 1/4HP
7. Volume: 43*53*53mm
8.重    量:68Kg
9. Power source: 1∮,AC220V,3A



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