LT-ZP21 3C fluorescent whiteness meter | whiteness meter | reflection photometer

Short Description:

It is mainly applicable to the whiteness measurement of non-color surface flat objects or powders, and can accurately obtain the whiteness value consistent with the visual sensitivity. For objects treated with fluorescent brightener, the whiteness value after fluorescence brightener can be quantitatively reflected. The opacity of the paper can be accurately measured. Widely used in textile printing and dyeing, paint and coatings, chemical building materials, paper and cardboard, plastic products, white cement, ceramics, enamel, talc, starch, flour, salt, detergent, cosmetics and other substances whiteness measurement.

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Technical parameters

1. Test range: 0 ~ 100%
2.Instrument light source: D65 light source
3. Measurement method: R457 blue light whiteness
4. Measuring aperture: φ30mm
5. Display mode: digital display
6. Zero drift: ≤± 0.1/10min
7. Measurement repeatability: ≤ 0.2
8. Display accuracy: 0.1
9. Indication error: ≤± 1
10. Power supply: 220V±10%
11. Features: popular, high precision, strong function, stability
12. According to test conditions: 45/0
13. Appearance size: 340*270*280mm



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