Lituo monthly Birthday party

Date: August 4, 2021

Lituo held a warm and vibrant monthly birthday party on August 4 to celebrate its employees who were born in August. This activity not only enriches the lives of employees, but also enhances team cohesion and communication.

At this monthly birthday party, the company specially created a joyous atmosphere in the hall, decorated with balloons and banners in the colors of the company’s logo, to create a festive atmosphere. At the beginning of the event, Manager Deng, a senior member of the company, delivered a warm welcome speech, expressing his gratitude to the employees and stressing the importance of the team.

In the venue, the employees gathered together, and the birthday stars put on the birthday crown, showing a positive mental outlook. The company arranged a colorful program, including the birthday stars to make speeches, send blessings, blow out candles, cut the cake and so on. Manager Deng personally sent a red envelope to each birthday girl, and a letter containing blessings, which greatly narrowed the distance between employees and enhanced cohesion.

Of course, the delicious food and drinks are also one of the highlights of the birthday party. The company has prepared rich fruits and double-layer large cakes for employees to satisfy the taste buds of employees.

In addition, the monthly birthday party has also set up a special photography area, so that employees can take photos and record the special moment. In this laugh-filled atmosphere, the employees spent a pleasant time together, enhancing mutual understanding and friendship.

Through this birthday party, the company once again demonstrated its care and support for its employees, strengthening the company culture and team cohesion. The event not only provides an opportunity for employees to relax and mingle, but also creates a positive working atmosphere for the company. In the future, the company will continue to hold a variety of meaningful activities to create more memories for employees.

Post time: Aug-10-2023