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Dongguan Lituo Testing Instrument Co., LTD

Booth No. : 11T354-1

May 16 -18, 2023, the scene popular consultation

In this exhibition, Lituo Testing Instruments displayed a variety of environmental testing equipment, including hot and cold impact test chamber, UV UV aging test chamber, xenon lamp aging test chamber, etc.

1.The cold and hot impact test chamber can be switched to the high or low temperature state in a short time to simulate the extreme temperature impact, which can help enterprises and scientific research institutions to improve product quality and research and development efficiency.

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UV aging test chamber is a device to test the durability of products under UV conditions, which can provide necessary technical support for the development and production of products.

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Xenon lamp aging test chamber carries out aging test by exposing material samples to light and thermal radiation of xenon arc lamp, which can make real and accurate evaluation of materials under different climatic conditions.

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Double-layer high and low temperature test chamber can be used to carry out low temperature, high temperature test and constant temperature test on products, to carry out comprehensive test and evaluation of various articles, to ensure its safety and reliability.

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In addition to displaying products, the professional team of Lito Testing Instruments is also on site to provide technical advice and services, to provide customers with professional, personalized testing solutions. In the exhibition, a series of environmental testing equipment displayed by Lituo Testing Instruments were favored by domestic and foreign customers, and the booth site was popular.

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Lituo Testing Instruments, has been committed to providing customers with high quality, efficient environmental testing solutions, service many well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Lito testing instruments not only have the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency, but also the accuracy of the test results is superior, and has been highly recognized in the field purchasers.

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Lituo Testing Instruments will continue to explore new technologies and testing methods, to provide customers with more professional and comprehensive testing services, to promote the healthy development of the whole new energy battery industry. The successful holding of this exhibition provides an important platform for the exchange and cooperation of the new energy battery industry at home and abroad.

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Post time: Jun-25-2023