Ozone Aging Test Chamber

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Product Usage

The ozone aging test chamber is used for rubber products such as vulcanized rubber, thermoplastic rubber, cable insulation sheath and other products. Under static/dynamic continuous tensile deformation, they are exposed to air with a constant ozone concentration and a constant temperature in a closed and dark environment. In the test box, the sample is tested according to the predetermined time, and the degree of cracking or other performance changes on the surface of the sample is used to evaluate the ozone aging resistance of the rubber.

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Main parameters



LT-ST-150 LT-ST-270 LT-ST-540 LT-ST-800 LT-ST-1000
Inter size (mm) 450x500x450 500x600x500 600x750x600 800x850x800 100x100x800 1000x1000x1000
Temperature range +20X) ~ +80P
Humidity range


Temperature fluctuation

W ±0.513

Temperature uniformity


Heating rate


Ozone concentration

10-500/1 OOOpphm

Gas flow rate


Ozone Accuracy


Ozone Sample Rack

Static/Dynamic Tensile Test Rack (Option)

Rack speed

360-degree rotating sample holder (speed 1 rev/min)

Time setting range

0~ 99.99H

Power requirements

AC380 ( ±10%) V/50HZ .Three-phase five-wire system


Adopt imported LCD digital display touch type or LED display film button type P.I.D microcomputer S.S.R temperature and humidity controller;

shell material

#SUS304Stainless steel plate/special anti-rust treatment cold-rolled plate spray paint (computer white)

Liner material

#SUS304 stainless steel plate;

Insulation material

It is foamed with high-density glass fiber cotton or rigid Polurethane.

Protection System Water shortage protection load protection device, compressor high pressure protection device, compressor overheat protection device, ceramic E-16 fast fuse, over temperature protection, alarm sound prompt, line insurance short circuit protection, grounding protection




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