LT-CZ 07 Scooter dynamic durability testing machine

Short Description:

The purpose of this machine is to simulate the extent of the dynamic durability of the bottom wheel and car body during the road movement (but also can be used as the test of other products), to provide a reliable basis for improving the quality of dynamic durability. This machine is to drive the sprocket movement, so as to drive the drum rotation, and by adjusting the motor speed to change the speed of the drum to achieve the test purpose.

Product Detail

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Technical parameters

1. Drum diameter: Ф 720,1 meter long
2. Number of impact blocks: 12
3. Timer: 0~999999 hours, with second, minute, time conversion and power outage memory function
4. Governor: LED shows the conveyor belt speed at km / h
5. Motor power: 3P
6. Machine size: 2050 * 1300 * 2100mm (length * width * height)
7. Weight: about 300kg
8. Power supply: AC220V 50HZ


 Design and manufacture according to CNS 6263-11

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