LT-CZ 20 School walker seat and frame structural strength testing machine

Short Description:

This machine is used to test whether there are any cracks and deformation phenomena of the baby walker seat and frame after a certain impact, and to judge whether it is qualified.

Product Detail

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Technical parameters

1. Counter: 0-999,999 arbitrarily set, automatically retain the test results
2. Impact height: 80 ± 1mm
3. Weight: 12kg model
4. Power source: gas source
5. Gas source: 5kgf / cm2
6. Power supply: 220V 50HZ

Experimental method

1. Adjust the seat of the baby walker to the lowest position, and put the test model into the car;
2. Raise the test model to 80 ± 1mm above the seat, and then let it drop freely;
3. After the test is repeated 100 times, determine whether qualified.


GB 14749-935.9

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