LT-FZ 10 fiber fineness analyzer

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Fiber fineness analyzer is a new type of human-computer interactive fiber diameter measurement analyzer. The instrument is connected to the optical microscope with a computer by a high-resolution industrial camera, and relies on professional analysis software to complete the test of fiber diameter and cross-sectional area, which can be used to measure the diameter of wool, rabbit wool and other animal fibers and the content of various natural and artificial mixed fibers.

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1. Measuring range: 2~200 ц m
2. accuracy:0.1цm


1. The system adopts computer digital image processing technology, which is composed of computer, video camera, microscope, printer and detection software. Provide automatic fiber diameter measurement function and hotline help function.
2. It is used to observe the cross-section morphology of various animal fibers, chemical fibers, heterogeneous fibers and hollow fibers and measure the section area.
3. Test the atypia of the fibers.
4. The fiber content of various blended products can be obtained from the analysis of the transverse morphology and the area measurement of a single fiber.
5. Use professional analysis software, data and reports are output by EXCEL, and provide standard reports.
6. Operators do not work in the dark room to reduce fatigue and demonstrate.
7. Improve efficiency, greatly improving than the traditional detection speed.
8. Test records can be printed, improving rigor, and images can be printed for inquiry.
9. Dark fibers can improve the detection effect without peeling.
10. And has English software and cross-section software and cotton and linen software.


FZ / T30003   GB / T 10685-1989   GB / T 116988-1997

FZ / T30003-2000   SN / T0756-1999    AATCC 20A-1995

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