LT-FZ 14 textile formaldehyde meter

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It is used to determine the formaldehyde content in various textiles.

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 Technical Parameter

1. Lower limit of measurement: 5.00mg / kg
2. Determination range: 0.00~500.00mg/kg (the sample is 10 times diluted up to 5000mg / kg)
3. Measurement error: 5%
4. Measurement method: using the national standard acetyl acetone method (GB/T2912.1-1998 and GB18401-2001), acetyl acetone The reaction (in the presence of the acetic acid-ammonium acetate buffer solution) produces the yellow compound.
5. Light source: ultra-high light emitting diode with wavelength of 412~780nm
6. Working environment temperature: 5~40℃
7. Host weight: 2kg
8. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz


1. Adopt national standard method (GB/T2912.1-1998t GB18401-2001).
2. Single-chip controller control has the function of automatic processing of spectral data
3. It has the function of measuring absorption curve, selected wavelength, absorbance and transmittance.
4. Chemical reagent kit color (yellow), sample and reagent dosage, can reduce and prevent secondary pollution
5. Real-time display of the ambient temperature, which can automatically determine and display the formaldehyde determination value and absorbance value by setting the color development time.
6. Large screen Chinese display, human-computer interaction operation, small volume, light weight, easy to operate.


meet the relevant requirements of GB / T2912. GB / T18401 ISO14184.1 AATCC112 standards.

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