LT – JJ29 – A Computerized gb mattress pavement durability tester (rolling + height measurement)

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Gb mattress revetment durable tester is to simulate continuous rolling machine designed in the human sleep, the durability of pavement rolling is to use a rolling load modules loaded parts under horizontal mattress, rolling at a certain frequency, the mattress reciprocating loading, to test the mattress on long-term repeatability of rolling load to bear ability, meet the requirements of all kinds of mattress manufacturer and standard. It is used to judge the quality and service life of the mattress and strictly comply with the requirements of the national standard for mechanical testing. Suitable for strong spring mattress, ordinary spring mattress, foam mattress, brown fiber elastic mattress. This machine is mainly used for mattress height and pavement durability test.

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Technical parameters

1. Control mode: computer control
2. Pavement durability test device:1) mechanical device that can drive the roller to make relative horizontal movement on the surface of the mattress: the rotating moment of inertia of the roller is (0.5±0.05) Kgm2, the loading frequency should be (16±2) times /min, the static load should be (1400±7) N, and the test times are > 30000 times.

2) roller: oval shape, external dimension tolerance is ±2mm, the surface should be hard, smooth, without scratches or other surface defects, length (1000±2)mm, friction coefficient between (0.2 ~ 0.5), chamfering Angle of roller: R30, maximum diameter of roller: 300±1mm;

3) motor: panasonic servo motor of Japan;

4) test trip: about 250mm of the center line of the mattress;

5) the accuracy of the force measuring device shall not be less than 1%, the accuracy of the size device shall not be less than 1mm, and the position deviation of the loading block shall be ±5mm.

3. Height measuring device:1) height measurement accuracy: ±0.5mm;

2) height measuring pad: the measuring surface is a flat and smooth rigid cylinder;

3) diameter of measuring pad: 100mm, chamfering R10;

4) application speed of the pad: 100±20mm/min;

5) vertical downward force: apply 4N force, then the distance between the surface below the surface of the circular pad and the plate is the height of the mattress pad; Measuring height: the height of the initial mattress surface, 100 times, 29,900 times of endurance test, respectively measuring the height of the mattress surface; Altimeter system: force value is set by software, force is applied vertically downward in the way of setting speed, and it is directly linked to PLC touch screen.

4. Appearance: paint treatment
5. Test table material: stainless steel
6. Height of the test table from the ground: 180mm
7. Maximum test sample range: 2400mm×2400mm×440mm
8. External dimensions: 3320*2400*2280mm (length * width * height)
9. Test speed: 90mm/min;100 mm/min
10. Power supply and power: AC2201V 50HZ single-phase about 2KW
11. Weight: about 2.3 tons

Product features

1. The equipment meets two test methods: pavement rolling durability test and pad height test.
2. Fully automatic test results can be achieved by computer control. Two test modes are fully automatic operation and manual control with one button.
3. The mechanical structure of gantry is adopted in the rolling durability test of the pavement, with the high-thrust servo motor and high-precision heavy-duty linear guide rail as the driving parts; Need to use famous brand touch screen as input control, make the operation control more humanized and concise.
4. The roller loading of pavement durability test adopts linear sliding bearing for free loading; In the durability test, the loading block and linear sliding bearing are used for free loading, because only linear bearing rolling friction exists, so the accuracy of loading force can be guaranteed. Therefore, the loading force is more in line with the standard requirements.
5. Beautiful and elegant appearance: fully hidden wiring, to prevent leakage during the operation and the danger of any power supply system; The bearing surface is made of stainless steel, with smooth surface, convenient for mattress loading; Full steel plate base, no need to punch to fix the ground, fully ensure that the instrument does not move, do not shake.
6. Test pad height test the servo motor is used as the drive to test at the speed specified in the standard, display the curve graph between the force value pressurized by the loading pad on the specimen and the corresponding sag value, and automatically measure the height.
7. The roller is made of special material with good wear resistance, smooth surface, no cracking, no deformation and long service life.
8. Rolling test midpoint positioning, automatically find the midpoint of the mattress, no need to manually reposition, PLC start point positioning.
9. Humanized control system, simple interface, complete functions, high-speed response of the touch screen, easy to operate.
10. The test results can be printed out by printer according to the file format required by the customer.
11. Data protection: automatically save when power is off (data can be saved automatically after power is off).
12. The base is connected by high strength industrial aluminum profile and stainless steel SUS304 pavement, durable and stainless throughout the year.
13. The software has the display of the fatigue curve during the rolling process of the roller, which can directly see the analysis of the compression fatigue of the mattress under the roller load.

Conform to the standard

The instrument conforms to GB/T 26706-2011 “soft furniture brown fiber elastic mattress”; QB/T 1952.2-2011 “soft furniture spring soft mattress”, BS EN 1957:2012 requirements for mechanical testing.



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