LT-WJ10 bite force tester

Short Description:

Simulate children’s teeth to test the ability of protruding parts and accessories on toy surfaces to withstand bite forces. It is a toy safety test project. No decision is made on this test. Only a record of the test is required.

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Technical parameters

1. Material: Steel
2. Volume: 89*42*47mm (L*W*H)
3. Weight: 756g
4. Range: The size of the accessible part of the toy is less than 1.25±0.05in, and the product design allows children to insert the bite in the mouth thickness of 1.25±0.05in, and the depth of at least 0.25in
5. Equipment: bite forceps, pressure pounds, timers
6. Requirements: (US standard) 0 ~ 18 months 25±0.5LBS, 18 ~ 36 months 50±0.5LBS, 36 ~ 96 months 100±0.5LBS

Application method

The sample must be placed in a room temperature of 23±2℃ and humidity of 20% ~ 70% for 4 hours before the bite force test. Place the test part in the bite tester to a depth of at least 0.25 in. within 5 seconds to the required pound and hold for 10 seconds.


ASTM F96316CFR 1500.51C

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