LT-WJ04 Prosthetic finger tester

Short Description:

The accessible probe is used to detect whether a certain part or part of the toy can be reached by the probe; It is a toy safety test project and is the basis of all toy tests. Made of aluminum alloy material, the surface is electroplated to gold (sometimes people also commonly known as “gold finger”, it can also be called analog finger, fake finger). The palpable probe is divided into two types: palpable probe A and palpable probe B: Palpable probe A is to simulate the finger of a child three years old and below, and palpable probe B is to simulate the finger of a child over three years old. Therefore, the size of the probe part of the reachable probe A is smaller than that of the reachable probe B.

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Technical parameters

1. Type number: A/3-, B/3+
2. Applicable age group: under 3 years old, over 3 years old
3. Material: Aluminum alloy
4. Volume: 25.6*25.6*145mm, 38.4*38.4*160mm
5. Weight: 150Kg, 335Kg

Scope of application

Accessible probe A is suitable for toys used by children 36 months and younger (under 3 years), and accessible probe B is suitable for toys used by children 36 months and older (over 3 years), if the toy spans both age groups, both probes should be tested separately.

Application method

1. In any way, extend the joint reachable probe to the measured part or component of the toy, and rotate each probe by 90° to simulate finger joint movement. A part or part of the toy is considered reachable if any part prior to its shoulder can come into contact with that part or part.
2. The original meaning of reachability refers to whether any part of the body of children of different ages can touch any part of the toy, and any part of the body of children has the largest touching circumference of the finger, so the reachability test is conducted with children’s simulated finger.
3. Before testing, remove the detachable parts or parts intended for removal from the toy, and then carry out the touchable test.
4. During the accessibility test, the simulated finger curvature should ensure that it touches any part of the toy as much as possible.

Application method

● USA: 16 CFR 1500.48 for under 3 years old, 16 CFR 1500.49 for over 3 years old;

● EU: EN-71;

● China: GB 6675-2003.

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