LT-XZ 22 Hook core resistance fatigue testing machine

Short Description:

This machine is suitable for all kinds of footwear with the hook heart. A test to assess the anti-fatigue resistance of the hook, the resistance of the hook to repeated alternating loads under specified conditions.

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Technical parameters

1. Lower clamp clamp: fixed, with hard steel plane, height of (32 ± 2) mm, width can firmly clamp the hook center is appropriate;
2. Upper clamp: can be adjusted, there is a hard steel plane, can implement the hook (49 ± 2) N force, this force is perpendicular to the plane of the lower clamp, the rate is 4 r/s, the applied force makes the hook to do reciprocating movement, before and after the repeated movement of a complete cycle;
3. Control clamp: a device with a holding force of (4900 ± 50) Nmm;
4. It shall be equipped with a counting device to record the number of cycles when the sample breaks;
5. Accessories: torque wrench: its torque can reach (4900 ± 50) Nmm;
6. Counter: LCD LCD display, the test number 0-999,999 can be set as the counting device to record the cycle number when the sample breaks.

Product features

1. With the function of automatic shutdown, when the set times arrive.
2. With the function of automatic shutdown of specimen fracture.


meet the relevant requirements of GB / T 3903.35-2008 standard.

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