Three-Box Type Thermal Shock Test Chamber Cold and Hot Shock Test Chamber

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It is suitable for electronics, instruments, power batteries, home appliances and other products, parts and materials at high and low temperatures.Adaptability test (reliability test) for storage, transportation and use in alternating, high and low temperature environments.


Technical parameters

1. Inner box size (W*H*D) : Double layer, each layer W600*D600*H850 (mm)
2. Outer box size (W*H*D) : W950*D1900*H2150(mm)
3. Temperature range: -40ºC ~ +100ºC
4. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.3ºC(constant state space-time load
5. Temperature uniformity: ≤2.0ºC(constant state space-time load
6. Temperature deviation: ≤±1.0ºC(constant state space-time load
7. Rising and cooling rate:
Cooling rate: +25ºC ~ -40ºC≤60min, average cooling rate: (0.7 ~ 1.0) ºC/min(the whole average no-load).
Heating rate: +25ºC ~ +100ºC≤40min, average heating rate: 0.5 ~ 3.0ºC/min(the whole average no-load
8. Common temperature conditions: 60 ºC, 45ºC, 25ºC, 0ºC, -10ºC, -20ºC, -40ºC; It is about 3 months long
Phase low temperature test condition (-40ºC)
9. Equipment layout:
Circulating water inlet and outlet, spray water inlet and outlet are located on the left, pressure relief port is located on the right;
Circulation water inlet and outlet, spray water inlet and outlet are located on the right, pressure relief port is located on the left;
Note: From the position of the main door of the equipment; The device configuration ratio in the two layouts depends on the actual purchase requirements.
10. Equipment volume: 306L (600×850×600 mm) per layer, a total of 2 layers
11. Operation mode: Double-layer independent temperature control, can be set to run or program run.
12.Equipment weight: ≤550kg
13.Voltage: AC 380V±10%, 50 Hz, three-phase four-wire + ground wire
14.Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40ºC
15.Ambient humidity: < 85%R.H (25ºC)
16.Atmospheric pressure: air pressure 86 ~ 106Kpa
17.Equipment power: 9kw
18.Power distribution circuit breaker specifications: 63A/3P+N
19.Equipment wire specifications: 3*6+2*4 (three-phase five-wire system
20.Device cable inlet: One cable inlet at the top of the device
21.System noise: ≤68dB (500mm from the surface of the equipment and operating bit, respectively)
22.Cooling method: water-cooled (customers provide frozen water
23.Inlet flow rate: ≤2m³/H
24.Water inlet temperature: 5-32ºC
25.Inlet pressure: 0.2MPa
26.Environment heat dissipation: ≤0.3KW
27.Equipment fault protection: overheat protection circuit breaker, humidification system overheat protection, compressor overload protection, control system overload protection
Protection, overload indicator light, phase sequence protection, water shortage protection, high pressure and low pressure protection, over temperature protection, water supply delay protection, fan overcurrent protection.

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