LT – JJ06 Office chair rotary life testing machine

Short Description:

This machine is suitable for all kinds of chairs with rotating seat cushion. The motor drives the test platform to rotate, and the frequency converter controls the motor’s rotating speed and speed conversion. Precise pressure regulation to ensure stable and reliable cylinder output force; Cylinder output end with universal joint, adapt to different Angle of the chair surface; Simple clamping structure, automatic centering, no vertical stress on the chair foot, simulating the real state; The cylinder output force height is adjustable to suit different chair heights.

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Technical parameters

1. Test speed: 1-25 times/min
2. Rotation Angle: can choose the working mode of repeated rotation or single-direction rotation
3. Sensor: 200kg
4. Counting range: 0-999999, with memory function of stop and power off
5. Height of bearing surface (cushion) 300 ~ 850mm
6.Diameter of turntable about 900mm
7.Power supply (power) single-phase 220V/50Hz/3A
8. Air source: air pressure: ≥ 0.5mpa; Flow rate: ≥800L/min; The air source is filtered and dried
9.Body size about 1220*1200*1960mm (length * width * height)
10.Weigh about 390kg
11.Mechanical structure ensure that the eccentricity between the load force of the chair and the pressure bar is 2 inches
12.Standard accessory (distribution) chair anti-turning block

Control system

1. The touch screen is equipped with PLC, with the memory function of power off and on;
2. With breakpoint protection (alarm) function, deceleration motor + frequency conversion control;
3. Manual pressure regulation, SMC precision barometer;
4. Memory function of stop/power off counter;
5. Select arbitrary or 360-degree rotation mode.

Working principle

1. Motor driven test platform rotation;
2. The cylinder output pressure is applied to the sample;
3. Output digital signal of touch screen;
4.PLC controls the rotation Angle and rotation mode of the motor.

Conform to the standard

QB/T 2280-2016 BIFMA X5.1-2017
BIFMA X5.1-2017  

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