LT-ZP39 Air Permeability tester | Air permeability tester

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This machine is specially used for the performance test of material breathability. Many kinds of paper, such as cement bag paper, paper bag paper, cable paper, copy paper and industrial filter paper, need to measure their breathability. Its performance meets or exceeds international standards. Its test method meets the requirements of Schober and Bentsen and other methods, and is the most advanced instrument for testing paper breathability in the paper, packaging and cigarette industries in China


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The machine changes the traditional water pressure test method, adopts the imported technology and uses the principle of pressure difference method. The pre-treated sample is placed between the upper and lower measuring surfaces, forming a constant pressure difference on both sides of the sample. Under the action of pressure difference, the gas flows from the high pressure side through the sample to the low pressure side, and calculates the permeability of the sample according to the area, pressure difference and flow rate flowing through the sample.


According to ISO 5636.1 “Paper determination of Air permeability of paper and board (medium standard paper)”, GB/T 458 “Determination of air permeability of paper and board”, QB/T 1667 “Paper and Board Breathability tester”, ISO2965 “Cigarette paper, forming paper, bonding paper and materials with discontinuous or directional breathability and strips with different breathability – Determination of breathability”, YC/T172 “Cigarette paper, forming paper, bonding paper and Materials with directional breathability”, GB/T12655 “Determination of breathability” Cigarette paper and other standards related requirements.




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